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Rising Through Life's Struggles and Challenges.

Arthlene Legair Lawrence is a prodigious, self motivating, successful woman who, from a youthful age, forged her way through many challenging periods to become a leading celebrity fashion designer, humanitarian, motivational and inspirational speaker. Believing in a calling of destiny and divine purpose Legair shares her powerful life journey in her writing in hope of empowering and motivating her readers to reach for their dreams. Her story is portrayed from the age of nineteen and shows the many unpleasant experiences that she has had to endure but even in the midst of them, her winner attitude created pathways of victory which she now relates to empower and restore persons of all ages who have, had, or are going through a similar crisis. Rising through life’s struggles and challenges-qualified and approved by God for His purpose, who has refined her with challenges and trials creating a masterpiece, superseding the approval of men, to share her gifts and experiences with the world. Her sound advice for overcoming the oh so often perceived perplexities of life can inspire and propel you to recognize and achieve, allowing realization of your dreams. Experience her Journey of Faith-Hope-Perseverance-Forgiveness-Restoration-Healing and Victory. Arthlene is delighted in Empowering Women and Youth to reach for their dream and to do it in style.