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Arthlene Legair Lawrence, is an award winning international celebrity fashion designer, winner of the 2022 Presidential lifetime achievement award for her volunteer work in the nonprofit sector, pitch winner at the women of wealth Hampton event, fashion stylist, Host of Real talk-Real Issues-Real Life TV talk show at Imagine Me TV, Sewing & fashion Instructor at Clayton State University, Certified life coach, business coach and public speaker. Proud mother of three, Grandma and dedicated wife to her husband DR. Hadley Lawrence ND. Her Legair Brand fashion has appeared on Bravo Television’s Married to Medicine, and other national television and in magazines. Her designs have graced the runways in Paris, England, Hollywood, New York, and other international markets.

She is the founder of  The Imagine Me Vocational School & Founder/Director of Restore To Empower INC, 501(c)3, an NGO focusing on underprivileged/at-risk youth and abused women in the USA and Dominica. Restore to empower focal points are, empowering, training and developing skills in youth and abused women, give them the tool they need to live a fulfilling life. Lawrence started her organization in 2015 serving her local community and then branching out into the island of Dominica. Mrs Lawrence is dedicated to bringing change to the communities she serves and believes and lives by the Chinese proverb-“If you give a man a fish, he will be hungry tomorrow. If you teach a man to fish, he will be richer forever.”

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